Jeff2Jeff Smyth, President and Chief Executive
For the last 25 years, Jeff Smyth has provided leadership for teams that add value to some of industry’s most dynamic private-sector businesses and the Federal Government. And, since 2003, we at Sapere have been lucky to call Jeff our President and CEO. Jeff is a strategic thinker with a proven track record for devising creative action plans and implementing solutions efficiently at a variety of scales. Specifically, Jeff’s best work has come from crafting innovative organizational and technical solutions that help his clients improve delivery of their services and projects. Jeff’s projects have had profound impacts on their respective companies, often resulting in millions of dollars in cost savings, revenue increases, or risk mitigation.

Not only does Jeff assist at the strategic level, but he also has practical experience providing a wide range of management consulting services directly. From business and strategic services, asset investment decisions, systems analysis and technical facilitation to risk management, policy analysis and engineering, Jeff has the expertise to help massive organizations enact positive change.

Jeff holds his Master of Science in Water Engineer and Bachelor of Arts in Agricultural Engineering from Oregon State University and is a Professional Engineer licensed in Civil Engineering in Washington.