What can new consultants expect out of Sapere?

What does working at Sapere mean for new consultants?

Being a consultant at Sapere is a unique experience.

Researching a job is difficult. Position descriptions often lack information and many people simply send in an application without really knowing what they are applying for. At Sapere, we want to give you the tools necessary to earn a role at our organization and succeed.

Here's a look at what it's like to be a member of the team at Sapere.

There's no such thing as an "average day" at Sapere

Future consultants should understand that Sapere doesn't have "average days." Our employees take on a variety of tasks each and every day, solving problems and working through scenarios in an engaging and collaborative way. That includes a healthy mix of work both in the office and at client locations.

Due to the nature of business demands, employees are heavily involved in ongoing projects. It's often essential for consultants to be on site to meet and collaborate with clients. Therefore, this job is a great fit for people who can balance dynamic working environments and important deadlines.

Office work is one part of a Sapere consultant's job.Office work is one part of a Sapere consultant's job.

Whether you're working with a group of Sapere's professionals or coordinating with the team at the project site, you can rest assured that no day will ever be exactly like the one before it.

Consultants are given the chance to grow

At Sapere, we know how important growth is to new consultants. A recent Gallup poll found 87 percent of millennials believed development to be vital in a good position, and we relish the opportunity to tap into this desire for advancement. With exposure to a variety of projects and working environments, our staff members gain valuable experience and grow throughout their time at Sapere. Our diverse client base also creates opportunities for development, helping everyone remain agile and continue to develop.

We partner with an especially wide range of clients. While we keep our work within the sectors of energy, technology and federal agencies, these are deep topics with a lot to learn about. Our consultants work across these sectors increasing their knowledge and growing their skill set.

Beyond our many different clients, Sapere offers plenty of internal growth opportunities for new hires as well. Mentorship and employee development are priorities, providing a variety of contexts for development.

With this much growth potential comes the necessity for hard work. Diving into any one of these sectors is challenging to say the least, so we focus on hiring consultants that have a strong intellectual curiosity and drive to succeed.

A good office culture is important

As it stands, less than 10 percent of workers across the country like their office's culture, according to a study from VitalSmarts. While that may be acceptable at other companies, Sapere strives to be better. We have worked for years to create a social structure within our organization that is both welcoming and supportive of new employees.

This starts with the interpersonal relationships that form between co-workers. While work comes first, we want to ensure that our employees feel personally connected to the people they spend their days with. We encourage our staff to create lasting relationships with fellow consultants, as we know that people work better when they're surrounded by friends as well as colleagues.

We also try to foster solid connections between upper management and consultants. Our focus is on creating an environment that is both productive and friendly, a situation that benefits everyone involved.

If this seems like the place for you, we'd love to hear about what you can bring to Sapere. Make sure to check out our career page and apply today!