What makes career fair visitors and applicants stand out to Sapere?

A career fair can be the start of your relationship with Sapere.

Sapere is always looking for talented staff that feel comfortable working individually and in groups, whether on site or in the office.

Sapere fills its staffing needs by drawing on a wide variety of individuals from a number of different work and education backgrounds. Because we're seeking motivated team contributors and leaders with unique skills, instead of a specific degree or career history, our vetting process is different than many other companies. With this in mind, what makes applicants stand out to Sapere?

The ability to engage and take the lead

"The best candidates demonstrate the ability to engage in meaningful conversation."

When applicants and interested visitors stop by our booth at a career fair, they tend to fall into two groups: those who come prepared and those who don't. Just dropping off a resume or saying a quick hello and moving on will make it hard for you to stand out.

While exceptional educational and career achievements can pique interest to a point, Sapere wants applicants who can successfully navigate important interactions. The best candidates demonstrate the ability to engage in meaningful conversation and their aptitude for researching and learning about a topic before an important encounter or meeting. A career fair is a great opportunity to demonstrate these important skills.

Woman at job interview.Sapere wants to work with applicants who aren't afraid to take the lead when appropriate, whether during an interview or on the job.

Presentation and polish

Although no one comes out of college, or a previous job, completely ready to dive into the most complex aspects of a new career, the ability to present one's self as a professional and avoid obvious errors goes a long way. That's something our consultants often determine by looking over the resumes of applicants who visit our booth at career fairs.

Because of how closely our team members work together, both in the office and when visiting clients, the ability to get along with our consultants is assessed early on. This is different than some large companies recruiting at career fairs – the employees who staff those booths likely won't come across the applicants again, even if they're hired. For Sapere, the ability to successfully function as part of a team is among the most important elements of the job.

With the right approach, some preparation and an eye for detail in mind, career fairs are great place for interested visitors to make first contact with Sapere.