What skills does a Sapere consultant need?

Consultants at Sapere have a wide range of skills and attributes.

Sapere consultants have skills that allow them to succeed.

Sapere is a unique organization and it follows that working at Sapere demands a unique set of skills. Our organization strives every day to give our clients something they cannot find anywhere else. The only way we can do that is by hiring exceptional employees. We believe Sapere's consultants are among the best in the industry, and we make sure that is not an accident.

As part of our recruiting process we determine if applicants have the right skills to fit into our team. It is a demanding process and we expect our applicants to put in as much work as we do. As consultants or future consultants there are always surprises, but we can give you a glimpse in to some of the things we look for in an ideal candidate.

Communication skills are absolutely necessary

"Communication is a two-way street."

Communication is a critical aspect of most employee's daily duties. While this is clearly true in any facet of life, it's even more relevant within the world of consulting. One of the pillars of successful consulting is the effective, efficient synthesis of information in a collaborative fashion. To do so, a good candidate needs to be able to communicate properly.

Of course, communication is a two-way street. This means that a skilled consultant must be able to share ideas and demonstrate their value to his or her colleagues. However, a good communicator also needs to be ready to step back and appreciate the good ideas that coworkers come up with.

On top of this, consultants at Sapere have to collaborate with both internal and external partners. This demands good situational awareness and understanding, as working on an idea with others requires the ability to communicate in many different ways. The ability to tailor communication to the intended recipient or audience, whether it means digging down into details or supplementing a text-based proposal with graphs and charts to express information visually, is another important factor. Tactfulness and a generally professional nature within communications are absolutely necessary in this job.

Candidates must be flexible

As millennials eclipse Generation X in the workplace, according to the Pew Research Center, many organizations are struggling with the amount of flexibility young people want. We are fortunate that Sapere has embraced the need for flexibility.

At Sapere, consultants will almost never have the same day twice in a row. We work directly with our clients to solve their complex problems, which often requires us to be on-site. We believe it is important to meet with project leaders face-to-face to understand their issues, constraints, and present them with solutions. Developing these relationships – using solid communication skills – is invaluable, and it means that consultants will go the extra mile to travel.

Sapere employees need to be ready to work anywhere.Sapere employees need to be ready to work anywhere.

Consultants must merge their creativity with logical planning

Sapere consultants come from all backgrounds and fields of study. Some have engineering degrees, while others majored in social sciences. Varied backgrounds are essential when it comes to the consultancy process.

Of course, solving a problem for our clients demands logical thinking. Consultants must understand exactly how an issue affects the client, and therefore how a solution would mitigate the problem in a step-by-step process. However, no two clients are exactly the same, and developing solutions often requires creativity. Employees must take knowledge from past projects and blend it with creative new ways to approach and address the issues that our client has asked us to help solve. If it was easy, they would do it themselves. A good candidate will think both creatively and practically so we can get the job done

If this sounds like you, then please check out Sapere's career page. We're always looking for the best and the brightest minds to join our team and really make a difference.