The energy business is undergoing a depth of change that rivals any era in the industry’s history. Regulatory and consumer pressures are mounting, pushing organizations to seek cleaner, more renewable generation sources. Power markets continue to transition to new structures in order to balance loads with available renewable resources. On top of all this, energy companies are seeking to capitalize on their vast amounts of data by leveraging advanced data storage and analytic tools. Specific examples of how Sapere has helped our energy clients thrive and compete while adapting to these changes include:

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning helps our clients identify and meet the needs of customers and other key stakeholders while maintaining financial stability over the long haul. We combine our executive experience with our broad expertise in power management, risk management and other operational disciplines to provide holistic insight into the multitude of trade-offs and other factors that can influence financial outcomes. Energy companies that adopt this approach tend to be healthier with better customer, board and stakeholder relations.

Major Decision Support

Investment (or divestment) in long-term capital assets represents the fundamental decisions about what your company will be in the future. Sapere helps our clients work through major decision points using an approach geared to take in and structure information from internal and external sources, the assembly of that information into actionable decisions and the creation of a comprehensive work plan geared to support the execution flowing from the decision process. Sapere’s team will work with you to leverage our experience, knowledge and expertise to develop well-documented decisions and recommendations reflecting the true intricacies and risks of a contemplated transaction.

Structured Energy Solicitations

Our team can help with all facets of a structured process, from helping refine the goals, drafting the solicitation, publishing and distribution, reviewing and scoring responses, to achieving internal and external approvals. We will work seamlessly with your own staff to provide both our broad experience as well as an outsider’s perspective to your process. Our consultants have helped clients purchase generating assets, enter into long-term power purchase agreements, sell the excess output from their generators, enter into structured renewable energy agreements and even craft and support submittals into structured solicitations.

Project Management, Execution and Implementation

Sapere’s consultants provide expertise in developing effective, scalable project management approaches. We have helped clients establish their own project management capabilities and have managed major projects on behalf of our clients. Sapere has deployed project management approaches to identify critical decisions, prioritize activities, provide cost analysis supporting capital budgeting, as well as identify and mitigate risks that can escalate costs or compromise schedules. Sapere has also worked as a Client Advocate in contracting processes and is experienced at procuring and negotiating standard Design-Construction contracts as well as Guaranteed Maximum Price contracts on behalf of our clients and working through the decision process to determine which approach makes sense based on the project specifics.

Leveraging Technology

Sapere’s staff brings their experience supporting clients in the technology sector to the energy industry. We have worked with technology companies to develop and test approaches to data management and data analytics, and we’ve worked to assess clients’ current technology status and implement technology road maps that drive towards more efficient approaches to data management. The energy industry is data-intensive and our expertise can help you address the same issues, whether it’s integrating siloed data to support better operational decision processes, applying data retention techniques to archive data using the current state-of-the-art technology, or working through the specifics of a technology related initiative.

Other Services

Sapere provides these other related services:
• Interconnection and/or Transmission agreement strategy development, execution and negotiations.
• Power planning, including the development of Integrated Resource Plans.
• Commodity risk management strategies and procedures.
• Market analysis and forecasting.
• Development and execution of targeted marketing plans.
• Electric reliability compliance.
• Power plant development support.
• Regulatory analysis and strategy.
• Litigation support/Expert witness.