The landscape of the federal sector presents a challenge as Agencies strive to become more responsive, efficient and effective. From rapidly evolving regulatory priorities and IT requirements to aging physical infrastructure, contractors and Agencies alike must balance their response to modern demands within ever-constrained budgets.

Policy and Regulatory Priorities

Initiatives in Washington continually present contractors and Agencies with a new playbook when it comes to ensuring compliance for their operations. Contractors and Agencies often find themselves in need of the expertise to identify risks, evaluate compliance options, and make the requisite changes in an environment where collaborative, multi-party decision making is a necessity.


Technology is continuously expanding and evolving, providing both opportunities and posing risks. With new concerns over cybersecurity and evolving opportunities involving the Internet of Things, these changes present far too large a potential impact – either for better or worse – to ignore. Understanding how to take advantage of the opportunities while mitigating risks – security, cost or schedule requires an informed and implementable strategy.

Aging Infrastructure

Some of the U.S. government’s most venerable institutions – such as NASA, the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense – find themselves held back by their physical assets. While they once represented the cutting-edge of technology and engineering, these facilities are now a significant source of inefficiency and liability. The process of updating this infrastructure and repurposing site uses is a long one, and requires careful cost analysis as agencies decide what pieces need to be replaced and which can be rehabilitated in support of their current and future missions.

Sapere Consulting

At Sapere, we recognize that these technical and operational imperatives are further challenged by the unique requirements of working in the public sector. From multi-year projects funded with annual appropriations to the accountability to both stakeholders and the public that characterize work with the federal government, our 25 years of experience working in the federal sector gives us the understanding we need to help our clients succeed in such a nuanced environment.

We put this experience to work bringing our clients high-quality solutions to their Agencies’ most challenging issues. We bring the objectivity, innovation and the experience required to navigate the challenging Federal landscape.