Tech companies face tremendous obstacles developing and distributing products and services in a competitive marketplace. Success requires effective planning, a sound organizational structure and nimble development.

To effectively develop new products, companies need the discipline and agility to drive them forward and fully explore their possibilities. Integrating Sapere into your development process can provide the extra push you need to turn ideas into tangible products, whether it means taking projects from concept to testing or reigniting stalled initiatives.

Business Strategy

A strategy is only a strategy if everyone in an organization understands and connects with it. According to author William Schiemann, although 64 percent of organizations have a strategy, just 14 percent of employees understand those plans. It is no surprise, then, that as little as 10 percent of organizations execute their strategy successfully.

Sapere analyzes a company’s environment, culture, strengths and weaknesses to help it develop and communicate realistic strategies that can evolve and grow at every level within the company.

Product Engineering

When most products fail, their demises can be linked to several factors. Two of the largest include:

  • Incomplete understanding of the product’s position in the market.
  • Inability to differentiate the product and communicate its advantages.

Our Senior Product Development team helps businesses overcome these hurdles by providing the technical expertise, marketing and deployment strategies that are critical to product success, all while ensuring the company is properly tuned to handle the risk of its investment.

Sapere Consulting

Sapere understands the fundamental relationship between doing business and integrating with technology. From strategizing with technology executives on products and process to doing the hands-on work of developing requirements, creating a user experience, analyzing data or writing code, Sapere helps businesses successfully execute their big ideas.

We partner with your business to solve problems, improve operations and develop products using our technical and management resources. From strategizing with your CTO to developing code with an engineer and everything in between, we know how to put technology in context and implement it effectively. Our cross-sector experience helps businesses adapt to today’s ever-changing landscape.

Creativity. Security. Adaptability. Sapere.