Digital Transformation

Making the Future Possible

Harness the data you have to understand operations, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and focus your workforce on what matters. Sapere helps clients create and respond to disruptions in the market with the power of AI and technology.

We combine our subject matter expertise in energy and technology with our deep knowledge of AI/ML, data, storage, and digital strategy to serve our clients.

Our services include:

  • Strategy & Architecture
  • AI & Analytics
  • Custom Software Products & Integrations
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Focused on Value; Focused on People

People are central to digital transformation

In complex environments, out of the box solutions are not enough to transform operations. Targeted, custom software products quickly show the value of digital transformation, agilely evolve, and minimize lifecycle costs.

Sapere strongly believes in the power of technology but knows the inability of tools alone to solve problems. Each of our projects keep people and users at the forefront including developing requirements and use cases, education on systems and AI/ML, and most importantly how to integrate new tools and functions with your existing operations.

We are your partner in AI/ML, software development, data science, product and project management, and making meaningful technological change to compete in today’s marketplace. Don’t know where to start – Start with Sapere.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Sapere’s Digital Transformation Practice is made up of experts in the functional and technical activities related to software, advanced analytics, and architecture and strategy. We have extensive experience applying technical knowhow in the energy & utility, telecommunications, education, and technology sectors. We work closely with experts from Energy Solutions to deliver exactly what clients need.

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Strategy & Architecture

Regardless of where a client is in their digital transformation journey, Sapere knows where to begin. We help determine how to collect and manage data, select new systems and tools, and how to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase value. For software products, we prioritize user needs, minimize lifecycle costs and assist in making key decisions such as whether to build or buy or whether to host in the cloud or locally. Sapere is tool agnostic so we can recommend the tools that will work best for each client.

Services include:

  • Data and software strategies
  • System or enterprise architecture
  • Cloud migration strategies
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AI & Analytics

Our experts in artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) know data science so our clients do not have to. Whether it is data collection, engineering, modeling, tool selection, or implementation, Sapere guides our clients with a focus on achieving measurable value from each project. Long term success is emphasized through our focus on integrating new tools with the current environment and building trust with stakeholders. . Our expertise in energy enables us to provide unique insight into the application of AI/ML in the energy industry.

Services include:

  • AI/ML strategy
  • Data engineering
  • AI/ML model/algorithm development
  • AI/ML custom tool development
  • AI/ML integrations
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Custom Software Products & Integrations

We develop custom software products, perform product R&D, and integrate products to achieve the highest value for our clients. Sapere works across the full software development lifecycle (SDLC). We create use cases and value propositions, develop and implement custom software products, and provide ongoing support for our internal and commercial products. We advise and integrate with product organizations to optimize processes and outcomes. Our software applications can be found in a host of industries like energy, telecommunications, cloud, technical hardware, education, and nonprofits.

Services include:

  • Requirements & use case development
  • Agile product management
  • Development of custom software products/integrations
  • Customer support
  • Technical writing
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Have an interesting project? We love a good challenge.

Our project teams are integrated across practices to make sure we have the right skills, knowledge and understanding applied to the problem.

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