U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydropower Program Looks to the Future with Sapere Consulting

Sapere Consulting deepens its partnership with USACE driving organizational and digital change to tackle the challenges of the future.

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydropower Program Looks to the Future with Sapere Consulting

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Hydropower Program is the largest generator of hydropower in the US. The USACE has built 75 power-producing dams totaling an installed capacity of over 23,900 megawatts (MW). Size is a doubled edged sword, allowing for massive amounts of data and experience to be concentrated in one organization, but managing, changing, and optimizing operations across a national fleet is challenging. Like Sapere, the USACE has always been up for a challenge and it is why they selected Sapere to lead projects in organizational and digital transformation.

USACE’s National Hydropower Program Strategic Plan (prepared by Sapere in 2019) establishes USACE’s vision to implement data-driven performance analyses to enable a culture of continuous improvement and accountability. Pursuant to this vision, USACE is a founder of the Hydropower Research Institute. The HRI is a data-driven collaborative aimed at empowering hydropower operators to digitally transform their operations amid the ongoing energy transition. As the operating contractor for the HRI, Sapere has collaborated with the USACE to integrate and analyze data from the nation’s hydropower fleet.

In June 2020, Sapere was selected by the USACE’s Southwest Division to guide the development of business processes for capital project prioritization and funding; and facilitate the evaluation of efficiencies in operating hydropower plants serving the Southwestern Power Administration. In July 2020, Sapere was awarded a 5-year contract to support USACE Headquarters National Hydropower Program in the areas of policy, guidance, analysis, organizational change, and digital transformation planning. Sapere is eager to apply our unique blend of experience and expertise in energy, change management, and digital transformation to one of the nation’s most valuable energy resource programs.

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